How Can You Unblock YouTube or Websites at School?

Hey there! So, you’re curious about how to unblock websites at school without getting into any sticky situations, right? Awesome, I’ve got you covered! I’ll share a super easy way I recently discovered.

And don’t worry, it’s not one of those risky VPNs that can land you in trouble. Trust me, I learned the hard way after trying one out.

Now, before I spill the beans, let’s make a deal – this trick is like a well-kept secret, so let’s keep it hush-hush and not report it, okay? 😉

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So, after a bit of tinkering, I found this hack that’s practically foolproof so listen up:

  • Step 1: First things first, log out of your school account.
  • Step 2: Spot the nifty App Icon at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Step 3: Now, click on “College Board” and let it load up.
  • Step 4: You’ll see a “Sign Up” option – go ahead and click it.
  • Step 5: If a pesky blue screen pops up talking about a test, just dismiss it like it’s no biggie.
  • Step 6: Head down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll see a cute little Youtube icon. Yep, click on it.
  • Step 7: Pop “” into the search bar, and check out the videos. One of them should have a link to Google.
  • Step 8: Voila! You’re in Google now, and you’ve pretty much got the power to unblock most sites. But if something’s still stubborn…Remember, the next steps might not work for everyone:
  • Step 9: Open up a proxy browser (I recommend Proxyscrape).
  • Step 10: Just a friendly reminder – let’s not do anything wild like searching up inappropriate stuff. We’re here to unblock, not to get in DEEP trouble, right?

And there you have it, folks! Enjoy the newfound freedom.

Now, let’s talk about something super cool – the benefits of using CroxyProxy for YouTube:

  • Bypassing Geo-Restrictions: With CroxyProxy, you can access YouTube from anywhere in the world. So, are those videos blocked in your region? Not anymore!
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security: Cyber threats and hackers, begone! CroxyProxy uses top-notch encryption to keep your online activities safe and private.
  • Faster Streaming: Say goodbye to buffering and lag. CroxyProxy ensures the smooth streaming of your favorite videos.
  • Ease of Use: Seriously, you don’t need to be a tech wizard. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Let’s Talk About CroxyProxy Alternatives:

If you’re looking for websites similar to CroxyProxy, here are five fantastic websites built on the same proxy engine. These are like CroxyProxy’s buddies, offering the same awesome services. Here’s the list:

  • CroxyProxy Youtube

Just remember, while these alternatives are great, they’re not 100% secure. Some of them keep data logs for up to 60 days.


CroxyProxy is like your secret weapon for beating internet censorship, unlocking restricted sites, and enjoying YouTube without limitations. It’s got your back with enhanced privacy, speedy streaming, and a user-friendly interface. So, if you’re all about unblocking YouTube, CroxyProxy is your best buddy.


Got some questions? I’ve got answers!

Is CroxyProxy legal to use?

Absolutely! CroxyProxy is a legit web proxy that lets you browse the internet with security and anonymity.

Is CroxyProxy free?

CroxyProxy is a free web proxy, perfect for accessing YouTube and other website.

Can I use CroxyProxy on my mobile device?

Totally! Whether you’re rocking a smartphone or a tablet, CroxyProxy has got your back on all devices.