Safe Ship Moving Services Offers Valuable Insights into Moving Speciality and Expensive Goods

When planning a move to a new home, one must try their best to hire a reputed and well-established moving company like Safe Ship Moving Services, especially if they own certain speciality and expensive goods.

There are many times, like art and pianos, which no layman should handle on their own if they want to avoid damage during the relocation process. Such items can be too fragile or heavy to move without expert treatment. Hence, it is better to hire specialists who can effectively handle the task.

Safe Ship Moving Services talks about handling and moving art and pianos

The cost of a move depends on multiple factors, like distance, size of shipment, location and mode of transport. These variables are usually easy to predict. However, expenses incurred in handling speciality items like art and pianos are generally not predictable. Proper care and attention have to be provided to these items during a move.

Art is way more than just a picture to hand on the wall. It is an investment. Today many art pieces are sold for quite a high value. Moreover, in certain cases, the emotional value of a painting makes it worth even more than money to the collector.

Sculptures, artworks and other items are delicate.  Even items that are meant to protect them like the frame or glass, can end up damaging them during relocation.

Hence, anyone owning valuable art pieces must seek assistance from experts when transporting the items to their new home. These experts generally specialize in delicately transporting works of art from one place to another. They have a good amount of experience in moving, transporting, and shipping fine art and sculptures.

When it comes to pianos, their sheer weight and size make them really hard to move. Moving a piano from one place to another not only requires a lot of expertise, but also strength and special tools. A piano ideally weighs between 500 and 900 pounds.

A grand piano may weigh up to 1,300 pounds or more. Prior to loading the piano onto a vehicle, it has to be properly cushioned and strapped to a skid board. To make sure that the skid board does not move too much during transit, it generally is attached to a platform with the piano.

The sides of the crates tend to be built around the piano after it is bolted down, so as to secure it in place. The gaps can be filled with packing material to prevent the piano from shifting when it is being carried.

People who need to move artwork or pianos must plan their move well in advance to avoid any last-minute stress. This will give them ample time to research and hire the right movers.

No matter whether one hires Safe Ship Moving Services or some other movers, they need to provide clear instructions regarding the handling and transportation of the speciality items.

Any specific requirements or concerns one may have must be discussed beforehand. It is prudent to make sure that the movers actually understand the importance of careful handling.