Things You Require Knowing While Opting Jute Rug For Your Home

Jute carpets are one of the highly economical and trendy choices for natural rugs for a home.  Though these rugs are not as soft to the touch, however, they can be very comfortable, especially, if you prefer using them for a foot massage.

These are not very coarse and can be easily cleaned. Typically, jute rugs are available in two common styles. These include bordered jute area rugs and flat weave or hand-spun jute rugs. Another kind of rug known as tufted rugs is also present, but these are produced to a smaller degree.

A Great Styling Choice

It is preferable to use bordered area jute rug in homes. These types of jute rugs render a very clean look. These are available in a wide range of natural colour tones. Some of these rugs may be simply woven with boucle weave. However, one can also purchase herringbone weaves, which are a favourite with many of the buyers.

The woven jute rugs are usually supported with a latex backing for imparting stability to the weave and for lending a structure to the rug. The latex backing is also helpful for moving around the rough in different places of the room. However, some manufacturers may use rug pads or grippers for backing.

What you can expect with this kind of jute area rug, is a unique pattern in natural jute tones, natural latex backing, and cotton borders. This means the r entire jute flooring cover is biodegradable. In place of cotton, linen or leather may also be used for creating the border, which is usually about 2 inches or 1 inch wide. Some of the borders may extend up to a width of 4 inches.

The borders are chosen for complementing the natural colour of the rug’s body and these can be matched with the pillow or the wall art or pouffes for highlighting these in a room. Borders are attached in different manners to the rug.

Certain things to consider

Jute area rugs can be cleaned very conveniently. Regular vacuuming is the best way to go for cleaning these. It is important to remember that you cannot go for general cleaning and spot cleaning of a jute rug like the other kinds of rugs. These cannot be steam-cleaned. The different materials in the jute rug, like jute, latex, and cotton have different degrees of expansion and contraction and behave differently towards the water. The result of the wash is unevenly shrinking across the rug, giving an unkempt appearance when the rug dries. It means that general cleaning can destroy a jute rug.

All you require doing with jute rugs is regular vacuuming and it is better to get your rug treated with a stain prevention product. This is going to last for a lot of time and prevent the development of makes or spots on the rough due to random spills. Jute is tough and very well suited for areas with high traffic.

Overall, you have a long-lasting and loyal companion which does things silently for you, with a Floorspace jute rug in your home!