Hind Louali Discusses the Benefits of Being Bilingual

Being bilingual, or proficient in two languages, provides people with numerous benefits and advantages in various aspects of life. Bilingualism is transforming the present society. Hind Louali mentions that there are numerous people across the world today who speak more than one language. Bilingualism provides people with a huge leg up in many areas of life. Their communication capabilities improve, and they are exposed to more opportunities. Right from cognitive advantages to professional opportunities and cultural enrichment, being bilingual can considerably impact the personal and professional development of a person.

Hind Louali underlines certain positive aspects of being bilingual

People typically pursue a bachelor’s degree to gain access to a worthwhile and lucrative career. However, even if they have a degree, many graduates are likely to find themselves amidst high competition when applying for professional positions. Bilingualism can provide people with a distinctive edge. After all, many modern employers do understand that bilingualism is an asset in the workplace, regardless of the industry.

For instance, at a pharmacy or hospital, it becomes vital for staff members to be competent enough to communicate clearly with all their patients, including the ones who do not speak English. On the other hand, in a corporate setting, bilingualism makes it simpler for employees to communicate with vendors, clients and other stakeholders abroad.  Basically, bilingualism makes a person more employable. It is applicable in multiple career fields, like tourism, international non-profit management, national security, public health, education, and even the military. Being bilingual can also help people to get a much needed salary boost. If one is asked to offer ad hoc interpreting services on top of their typical responsibilities, they may get some extra bargaining power when it is time to request a raise. Moreover, being bilingual provides people with options of tutoring students on the side or performs occasional translation work, to get some extra income.

Apart from the monetary or career related benefits of being bilingual, there are many other reasons why learning a second language can be a great idea. In many ways, being proficient in another language helps people to carve their path in the mind and hearts of other people and cultures. It will help them to make friends with people who share that language and background, and even explore the music, movies, and books they love in that language. In general, bilingualism levels up the communication capabilities of a person. According to Hind Louali, by being bilingual, one is able to communicate better with the natives as they visit foreign countries. The whole experience of engaging with the locals can make any trip a lot more enjoyable.

In certain cases, being bilingual can improve the creativity of a person. The ability to speak more than one language shapes the brain’s capability of thinking outside the box, making a person better equipped to find innovative ways to solve problems. This trait enables bilinguals to pursue many interesting jobs and hobbies. Bilinguals are predisposed to enjoy better cognitive skills as well. Their brain is generally kept active, alert, and sharp which help in striking a balance when handling different tasks.