Cosmetic Dentistry – What You Need to Know

Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dentistry that aims to improve the overall appearance of the face by making corrections to the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is not a distinct branch of dentistry. Rather, it is a combination of various techniques with the sole motive of improving appearance.

Cosmetic dental procedures are somewhat costly when compared to normal dental procedures. It also takes a lot of training and expertise to become a cosmetic dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry differs from normal dentistry in a number of ways. General dentistry places more emphasis on restoring the functionality of teeth that have been damaged by various diseases and conditions.

On the other hand, cosmetic dentistry is mainly about aesthetic appearance. However, it should be noted that the domains of normal dentistry and cosmetic dentistry overlap in a number of places.

There are a number of dental trends and procedures available today that can improve the appearance of the person. Some of the common dental procedures include teeth whitening, shaping, false teeth, dental veneers, and dental implants.

In some cases, cosmetic dental procedures may be used in combination with other cosmetic procedures that are aimed at improving the appearance of other parts of the face.

Not all cosmetic dental procedures are costly. For example, teeth whitening is easily affordable for everyone.

However, it is not a specialized procedure and doesn’t require a lot of skill on the part of the dentist. It is also performed at most dental clinics.

It can also be performed at home by using teeth whitening kits that are readily available in the market today.

Cosmetic dentistry is very costly in advanced countries. There are a number of reasons why cosmetic dental procedures are costly.

First and foremost, it takes years of training to become specialized as a cosmetic dental surgeon. Cosmetic surgeons acquire their skills over a long period of time by working at various clinics as interns.

For this reason, they charge exuberant fees. Additionally, the materials involved in the surgery are also very costly.

Diagnostic and screening equipment can also be very costly to operate. All of these overhead costs add up and make cosmetic dental procedures very costly.


Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that mainly deals with the aesthetic aspect of the face.

It employs various dental techniques to improve the appearance of the teeth and give you a beautiful smile.

It is becoming more sought after these days. Millions of people across the globe undergo cosmetic dental procedures on a regular basis.

Cosmetic dentistry is different from normal dentistry as its main emphasis is on beauty. General dentistry deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various conditions that can affect our teeth to function properly.

Conversely, cosmetic dentistry deals mainly with external appearance. Nevertheless, there can also be an improvement in the functionality of the teeth after performing cosmetic procedures, but this is not the main goal.

Whether to go for cosmetic dental procedures or not will depend on your personal choice. If you believe it is justifiable to spend money to make you more beautiful then cosmetic dental procedures are always an option.