Best Care Tips to Make Your Football Jersey Last Forever

Did you know that the average life of a football jersey is three years? It’s hardly surprising after being washed and worn so frequently. But what if we told you there was a way to extend the life of your football shirt so that it could be passed down to your children?

You read that correctly. With these four simple procedures, you may extend the life of your present jersey by at least 12 years.

Continue reading this article to learn three simple strategies to help your jersey endure longer.

Store it properly.

The first step in extending the life of your football jersey is correct storage. The fewer time you don’t wear your jersey, the longer it will last.

Keep it on a hanger rather than folded up in a drawer if you want to keep it in good condition. This will assist avoid wrinkling and creasing of the fabric.

If hanging isn’t an option, store your jersey in a ventilated cotton bag or box to keep it clean and wrinkle-free. Cotton is an absorbent fabric that will help it retain its form and life.

It’s best to wash them right away after using them.

Following a fantastic game, there is a celebration, and we all know where the jerseys end up – draped over the back of a chair or balled up in the bathroom hamper overnight. While your custom Football Jerseys will be alright if you leave them out overnight, if your jersey has stains, it will be a difficult battle to get the stain out of the fabric, not to mention the bad scent. It’s better to toss them in the washing machine as soon as you get home. While you’re giving it your all on the field, your personalised Football Jersey should be as well.

All of our personalised sports uniforms are quick to wick away moisture. Your personalised Football Jersey is made to redirect sweat and keep you cool and dry during the game. It surely needs a nice wash after all that hard work!

Wash by hand or on the mild cycle in the washing machine.

Bespoke sports uniforms with moisture-wicking characteristics require a little extra attention. The cold water not only keeps the sublimated colours vibrant, but it also keeps the fabric of your custom Football Jersey from wearing out too quickly. Always use gentle detergents. While washing your custom Football Jerseys, avoid using chemicals such as fabric softeners, since these may leave a layer on top of the fabric, compromising its moisture management effectiveness. 

If you want to hand wash your custom Football Jerseys or classic Chelsea shirts, don’t wring them out too firmly to dry them, as this may cause them to lose form. Squeezing it gently to remove extra moisture is acceptable, but not too tightly.

Use a clothing bag.

Tossing your custom Football Jersey in a garment bag before putting it in the washing machine can provide vital protection. Although your personalised Jersey is resistant to ripping and tearing, when it is washed with other gear that includes hooks, velcro, zippers, or anything else like that, it can cause pilling or develop fuzz.

To get rid of odours, use vinegar or baking soda.

Instead of using harsh detergents and chemicals to remove the odours that come with your sports jersey after a big game, put a cup of vinegar in your washing machine’s bleach dispenser. Then leave the washing machine to do its thing. We ensure that vinegar will not leave your custom Football Jersey with a distinct vinegar aroma after it has been used to battle off all the unwanted odours. Instead, once the wash cycle is completed, your Football Jersey will smell clean and revitalised! Nothing eliminates odours like baking soda.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of a really bad odour, such as when you left your custom Football Jersey trapped in its own stench in your gym bag over the weekend, mix in 12 cups of baking soda and that should do the trick!

Do not use the dryer to dry your personalised football jerseys.

While your custom Football Jerseys can be dried in the dryer on a low heat setting, it’s preferable to let them air dry on a drying rack. The heat from a dryer might cause the elasticity in your custom Football Jerseys to wear away and cause them to lose their hold. When football equipment, such as shoulder pads, is dried with heat, it risks losing its shape.

To avoid wrinkles, use a hairdryer in a cool setting.

If you detect wrinkles when air drying your personalised Football Jersey, or if you need to dry it rapidly, you can use a hairdryer on the cool setting. Your personalised Football Jersey should dry quickly because it contains moisture-wicking technology and will avoid creases.

Remove stains immediately and store the jersey properly.

So you’ve got a stain. What happens next? It is critical to treat stains as soon as possible. To accomplish this, lay some paper towels or a sponge over the stain before exerting pressure with your finger. This will absorb the liquid without causing any damage to your shirt.

Cleanse your hands right away to avoid staining the garment even worse. Then, soak the stain in cold water and work the powder detergent into the stain with a sponge. The stain should disappear away quickly.


Follow these easy ways to maintain your jersey looking as good as the day you proudly purchased it. When it comes to showing off your jersey, you don’t want anything to detract from the effect. Whether you’re at the sports bar, at home with your pals watching the game, or just out and about wearing your Keep it clean and pristine as you cheer for your team.