AZ-305 Exam: Obtain the Microsoft Certification by Passing the Exam

A Certified Cloud Solutions Architect envisions a cloud project’s practical design. They oversee the creation of the proposed solution and materialize the concept through execution. Domain issues get divided into more manageable software parts, including workspace, auth, info, location, vault, etc. AZ 305 exam training helps you have a certification under your belt; it’s always more appealing to employers. Review the essential tips in this post to pass AZ-305 Exam.

AZ-305 Certification Exam Details

Candidates for this test should have extensive expertise and understanding of IT administration, including virtualization, governance, identity management, networking, and security. The decisions made in each area should be within the expert’s authority. You should also know DevOps procedures and be familiar with Azure administration and development. If you have the knowledge and expertise, your AZ 305 exam training will become effective and makes it easier for you to pass the test.

The Exam measures various skills, including:

  • Design infrastructure solutions – 25-30%
  • Design data storage solutions – 25-30%
  • Design identity, governance, and monitoring solutions – 25-30%
  • Design business continuity solutions – 10-15%

Here are some more exam details you should know:

PrerequisiteNo prior certification is needed
Exam fee$165
Validity of the exam12 months
Exam duration1 hour
No. of questions55
Passing mark700
Exam formatMultiple choice, case studies, drag & drop, multiple responses, Yes or No, True or False.
Exam languagesEnglish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, German, Spanish, Korean, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Indonesian.

Strategies to Pass the AZ-305 Exam

These are the steps you can follow to pass the test:

  • Know about the requirements: Review the exam specifications and familiarize yourself with every idea that can get tested. AZ 305 exam training helps you ace the test with ease. Study them, comprehend them completely, and practice them several times.
  • Join online forums and study groups: By employing this tactic, you may develop and learn alongside others in the same boat as you. You’ll come across many fresh inquiries and insightful responses. Joining a forum allows you to participate, ask questions, and interact with many other students taking the same test.
  • Obtain necessary resources: Genuine learning resources are essential after you begin the preparation. A quality Microsoft certification training program guarantees success while giving you the best place to start.
  • Practical Labs: Case studies may be used in Hands-on Labs for the AZ-305 certification, which will teach you how to solve complicated situations. The best approach to getting ready for the certification, after all, is to practice, apply, and learn through failure.
  • Take practice exams: Practice exams show you which subjects you still need to learn and how much work you should put in. So use practice exams to evaluate your readiness when your learning is complete. You can also try out free AZ-305 practice test questions.
  • Video Course: Learning becomes interactive and easy to comprehend through active listening. Microsoft online courses could be the best approach to learning, albeit this depends on the individual. An excellent training course offers professional assistance in the explanation of questions. So you might have to spend extra money on this step.

Is the AZ-305 Exam Difficult?

Yes, you should anticipate a challenging exam. The AZ-305 certification is at the expert level and demands extensive preparation, just like other Microsoft certifications. You will get offered many circumstances, and you must respond appropriately based on those events. Expect questions where every possible answer seems to be true. You must pick the answer that fits your judgment the best. For instance, there are several options if a company wishes to host a web application, such as an app service, a virtual machine (VM), a container image, or a docker container. To choose the best alternative for the situation, you must reduce your selections per the requirements.


There is an increased demand for Azure Solution Architects with expertise in creating Azure Infrastructure. You must stick to preparatory material if you want to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect. It provides you with access to specialized study materials and a learning path created and presented by Microsoft Certified specialists. AZ 305 exam training is not just enough when it concerns the Exam. It’s not just about the information you study; it’s also about the people you interact with while learning. When you do it alone, you might not be aware that your odds of success are getting compromised.