Automate Operations With Field Force Management Software

Just to think of all the extra efforts and hours your employees put in to complete repetitive and meager tasks is quite pinching. This is taking a serious toll on their productivity and will eventually burn them out. You surely do not want that, and to prevent this from happening, you should switch from manual operation to automation with field force management software.

The software offers solutions like task management and live tracking that will help save a lot of extra effort that goes into completing tasks. This is built to serve both managers and employees. With the help of automated solutions, managers and employees will work much more efficiently and productively.

Disadvantages of Manual Management of Operations

Manually assigning and completing tasks can be backbreaking for managers and employees. In addition, this form of working is highly inefficient for organizations as the process has a lot of shortcomings.

Room for Errors

One of the major disadvantages of manual operation is that it is full of errors. Since the data is recorded manually by humans, there are higher chances of it being full of faults, making it unreliable.

Dependence on Efficient Employees

Generally, managers tend to rely mostly on their star performers in a manual operation system. This might even be demotivating for other agents as they are not assigned important clients.

Cost Inefficiency

Since the manual process is full of errors, a large budget is generally required with a margin to cover the additional cost of mistakes. 


Completing tasks manually can take extra time as field agents mostly fall short of time, resources, and energy. As a result, most of their time gets consumed by mundane tasks that could have been automated.


Due to the lengthy process from task planning to assigning, some information may be left out. And also, managers and field employees find it hard to communicate with each other due to the distance between the two.

Reporting Difficulty

In a manual relied company, all reports are created by employees. Therefore, it becomes hard for them to keep track of every minute detail and produce the desired outcome. 

Advantages of Automating Task Management

Automating tasks and business operations can benefit the organization in multiple ways. 

Lower Operating Cost

Significant money can be saved through automation. As with the automation solution, managers will be able to form cost saving strategies. Also, there is no scope for human errors. All the data provided is accurate to t. 

Improved Field Force’s Productivity

Field agents no longer need to spend their energy on repetitive tasks as they can easily be automated. This allows them to focus on their more important tasks, such as serving clients and meeting their sales quota.

Optimal Utilization of Resources

Automation through field force management software allows managers to understand the needs of the employees. This allows them to assign resources according to the need.

Time Optimization

A lot of time gets saved thank the automated solutions. The working process gets improved, and tasks are planned out time efficiently.

Authentic Information

The data provided by the automated reports and system is authentic. Also, the field agents will find it hard to fabricate information as managers have tabs on the entire operation in real time.

Better Planning

Automation allows managers to plan ahead. This is time and cost saving. Additionally, they’re aware of who all is present on the field.

Automate Task Management with Field Force Management Software

Field force management software can help you, and your field force achieves goals. The software offers automated solutions that will help both managers and employees. It can help successfully solve the problem of time, cost, and effort. 

Task Management

Through task management solution, managers can assign a month’s worth of tasks in advance through the bulk task upload feature. This will help save the time of both managers and employees. Additionally, managers can track the progress status of each field agent’s task list in real time.

Geocoded Attendance

The software offers geocoded attendance to remove any chances of fabricated information or buddy punching. Through which the attendance of the field agents gets automatically marked only when they reach their first task location. If still unsure, managers can request visual verification, in which each picture is stamped with real time location coordinates.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Managers can track the real time location of the employees through the employee monitoring software’s app. This eliminates the need to call employees frequently for location updates.

In Built Chat Box

The software offers a built-in chat box, which removes the time wasted on switching from one platform to another. This also helps promote a steady information flow between managers and field employees. In addition, field agents can share videos and pictures along with messages.                                                                            

Expense Management

Automating expense management ensures that no fault is made. Through the field force management platform, field agents can upload their reimbursement claims and proofs remotely and easily. All the managers in the customizable hierarchy will be able to see the request. To save time, managers can respond remotely, and the employees are notified whenever there are changes in the request status.

Furthermore, managers can put a cap on the amount for reimbursement. This limit is customizable according to the team and designation.

Leave Management

It becomes challenging for field employees to travel back to the office to apply for leave. The employee monitoring software offers a leave management solution to solve this problem. Through it, employees can apply for leave remotely and are notified of any change. The software allows managers to track employees’ upcoming leaves, pending requests, etc.

Analytical Reports

Through the software, managers are presented with automated reports. These reports are in real time and offer detailed and accurate information. As a result, managers can accurately measure employees’ productivity and performance quality.

Automate Operations With TrackoField

A lot of time, cost, and effort can be saved of both managers and field employees through automation. And we have never heard any business owner deny saving cost and time. Therefore, investing in efficient and successful field force management software is necessary. The benefits presented by it can help your business grow and serve clients in a distinguished manner. 

TrackoField is a leading field force automation software that offers technically advanced and automated solutions that will help you save time, cost, and effort.