Are you suffering from Narcolepsy or Fatigue?

A sleep disorder can make you feel tired and slow, even if you’re healthy and well rested. Many people believe that their fatigue could be partly due to extracurricular activities, schoolwork, or work commitments. This can delay diagnosis.

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Berkowski (Hershner) is a Michigan Medicine neurologist who is committed to education about sleep disorders. They are part of the Michigan Medicine Sleep Disorders Center.

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It becomes difficult for the brain to regulate sleep and wake cycles. A neurological condition called Narcolepsy is also known as Narcolepsy. Some people with narcolepsy may feel relaxed but not alert for the entire day. Narcolepsy patients typically fall asleep while listening to talks, working, or doing any other activity.

Epilepsy can affect both men and women. Narcolepsy can affect anyone at any age.

Although it is not life-threatening, it can cause anxiety and stress throughout your day. People with Narcolepsy may have difficulty staying engaged at school or work because of their condition.

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Is There A Risk Of Narcolepsy?

Hypocretin, also known as Orexin, is a neurohormone that regulates sleep and improves alertness. This hormone is believed to be the main cause of narcolepsy. Certain people are more vulnerable to narcolepsy. An event can trigger the condition, which is usually in adolescence or infancy.

The immune system is destroyed and brain cells that produce orexin are damaged. Narcolepsy is a result of this.

If it is treated, symptoms of narcolepsy can disappear. It can be used to treat sleep disorders related to shift work. To treat sleep problems related to shift work, it is highly recommended to use Artvigil medication.


People with narcolepsy may experience more severe symptoms throughout their lives. These symptoms include:

Their Muscular Tone Is Rapidly Declining.

Cataplexy symptoms can include weak or slurred speech, weakness in every muscle group, and slurred speech. It can last from a few hours to several days.

Cataplexy is triggered by extreme emotions such as anger, surprise, fear, fear, or fear. Exhilaration and laughter are common triggers for cataplexy. Your knees could swell if you smile.

People with narcolepsy may experience up to three episodes of cataplexy each year. This isn’t uncommon for people suffering from narcolepsy. Patients may experience different levels of cataplexy.

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness:

People with narcolepsy often fall asleep in random places and times. It is possible to fall asleep while you work or chat with friends if you suffer from narcolepsy. However, the feeling of feeling refreshed after waking up quickly will disappear.

You may notice a decrease in your ability to focus and concentrate throughout the day. Drowsiness may occur at any time during the day and can cause a variety of problems.

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Sleep Deprivation:

People with Narcolepsy can have trouble talking or moving while they sleep. Episodes last only a few seconds and are usually brief. Even if you didn’t intend to, you can recall the incident later.

Rapid eye movement (REM) is a short-term paralyzed sleep type that causes rapid eye movement (REM). Temporary paralysis can cause your body to become unable or unable to move during REM.

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Paralysis can also be caused by other factors. Sleep paralysis can sometimes occur even in those who don’t have narcolepsy.

The treatment of narcolepsy symptoms can be done with medication and lifestyle adjustments.

Narcolepsy patients can be treated with drugs that stimulate their central nervous system. This keeps them awake and alert during work. You can find medications that stimulate your central nervous system such as modafinil. You can use sodium oxalate, or the low sodium version, to treat excess sleepiness and cataplexy.