A Complete Guide on Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner

A bolt tensioner is a bolt-tightening and disassembly tool like a ring jack installed on a bolt and nut with the help of hydraulic power from the tension pump. The bolt is stretched in the elastic deformation zone according to the allowable elasticity of the material.

The bolt tensioner manufacturer is producing the bolts to achieve the purpose of tightening or removing bolts. The biggest advantage of bolt tensioning is that multiple bolts can be fastened and disassembled simultaneously.

It’s efficient and the best way to fasten and disassemble bolts to meet various requirements. A tensioner is also called a bolt tensioner, hydraulic tensioner, bolt stretcher, etc.

Hydraulic Bold Tensioner:

Thread friction between the nut and washer wastes more than 80% of the torque energy on a nut or bolt. Less than 20% of the energy is left to create effective tension on the bolt shaft. The change in friction loss from one bolt to another causes uneven tension on the bolt. A bolt tension tool solves this problem. A hydraulic tensioner generally consists of a hydraulic tensioner pump, a high-pressure hose, a pressure gauge, and an extender. The pressure gauge reflects the pump output pressure. The high-pressure pipe is connected to the hydraulic tension pump and extender.

Working Principle of Hydraulic Bold Tensioner:

When working, the high-pressure oil emitted from the power source is sent to the piston cylinder through the high-pressure pipe, and the piston in the piston cylinder moves upward under pressure and drives the tension adjustment nut upwards. The tension nut is threaded with a working bolt with the extension pulling force generated by the hydraulic source from the ultra-high pressure oil pump. The bolt tension device applies force to the bolt to stretch it in an elastic deformation zone. At this time, the bolt diameter was slightly deformed. Bolt elongation reaches the desired deformation, and the deformation is controlled within the elastic deformation range. The tightening or disassembly can be carried out in advance. Finally, hydraulic or mechanical return returns the working bolt to its original shape.

Usage of the Tension Tool:

The bolt tensioner is widely used in metallurgical mines, the petrochemical industry, Shipbuilding, electrical systems, rolling stocks, heavy machinery, railways, aerospace, and other industries, especially in working environments with serious pollution or limited space. Hydraulic bolt stretchers are difficult to replace with other tools, and they are ideal for assembling large and medium-sized mechanical products and maintenance. A special hydraulic bolt-tightening machine can be customized according to working conditions, terms of use, and user needs. The hydraulic bolt tensioner price will be allotted according to the working of the material. 

Advantages of Nut Tightening Tools:

  • Mineral oil is generally used as the working medium, which can lubricate moving surfaces by itself and has a long service life.
  • Light weight, small size, low movement inertia. And fast response speed.
  • Various components of the hydraulic transmission system can be arranged conveniently and flexibly according to needs.
  • It can automatically prevent overload.
  • Convenient operation and control and multiple bolts can be tightened simultaneously. Save labor costs