Developing Your Area? 5 Reasons Why Tree Removal Is Not Always The Answer

Do you have a property that needs to be developed? Whether you already have had it for years or just recently bought it, you need to do something to put it to good use. Usually, if the place is not maintained, there might be a lot of plants and trees growing in it.

For instance, if you’re planning to build a house in a residential area, you need to accomplish some permits first. And if there are some old trees on your property, you might need to check if it’s suitable for tree removal. You can either call an arborist or check with your local government about your options.

But if it’s not going to be a hindrance in your plan, should you still remove it? As you may already know, having trees around can benefit everyone.

Do you want to know the benefits you can get from trees, and why tree removal is not always the answer? You should check the list below to learn more!

1. Home for animals

Trees are usually the best option for wildlife shelters. Even if trees are not in the forest, there are birds and other insects relying on them. So if you have some trees in your area, you can opt for tree removal, but if possible, move them near their original place.

When trees are moved near their original place, it’s easier for animals to adjust. However, if you don’t do that, they might find it difficult to look for another place to stay.

Meanwhile, if you opt to keep the trees, you also need to keep them healthy. If you don’t have the time to do that, you can hire an arborist who will conduct a monthly check-up and maintenance.

2. Prevent flooding and soil erosion

Is your property prone to flooding and other natural disasters? Keeping the trees around your house is a good idea. As you know, trees can absorb water which helps in preventing disasters. In addition, they also keep the soil intact. Unfortunately, if there’s too much water, there are times when trees can no longer absorb more.

If the trees are large enough, they usually have big roots that can absorb more water. Don’t you want to be responsible for global warming? You’ll be guilt-free if you’ll just let the trees live. It may or may not be in your area, but at least transfer them somewhere else.


3. Clean the air

Do you want some fresh air? Trees absorb harmful pollutants through their bark and leaves. If there are enough trees around, it’s guaranteed that the air you breathe is clean. On the other hand, the absence of plants and trees will result in polluted air.

Aside from the clean air, having trees around your property will also help reduce heat and noise pollution. So even if you’re near the road, you can still spend every day without any stress.

Think of the trees as instant protection from all the harmful particles around you. If you keep them healthy, it’s like making a way to stay healthy.

4. Good for mental health

As mentioned, one of the benefits of having trees around is that they can keep people healthy. But aside from physical health, trees can also do something about our mental health.

According to experts, mental health patients who often see trees tend to heal faster than those who don’t. Whether you have mental health issues or not, when you see trees, do you also feel relaxed? Of course, it’s not the only cure for diseases, but it helps a lot in regulating blood pressure and stress level.


5. Property value

Did you know that trees can increase the value of your property? When a property has a well-maintained landscape, you can increase its value by up to 20%. And since it’s not easy to take care of trees, if you keep them around, they will serve as the cherry on top of your perfect property.

However, having a tree doesn’t automatically increase the property value. Instead, the tree has to be well-maintained and healthy. If you’re having doubts about whether you should keep the trees or not, you can ask your real estate agent about the possible outcome of keeping them.

Aside from the different benefits of trees, if you like having them around, that would be a great reason why you should. If you’re going to be sentimental about it, you would observe how trees change as time passes by.

Furthermore, if you have kids, you can build them a tree house. On the other hand, if you like having parties, trees can also help you maintain a backyard with great aesthetics. Just add some lights, and you won’t need further decorations. So have you decided yet? Let us know your decision on whether you want to keep trees on your property or not by leaving a comment below!


Aliana Baraquio is a web content writer working for Sydney Tree Solutions, a company that provides tree removal and arborist services throughout Sydney. As a writer, she is passionate about providing good quality articles that help readers make the right choice.